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Faker.js is a free and open source JavaScript library that is irreplaceable during unit and integration testing of IT projects. It allows you to instantly generate a large amount of fake but very realistic data, which is extremely useful when the developer does not have access to real data or wants to keep it confidential and insert it into the application under test to verify that it works correctly.



Faker.js - an irreplaceable npm module for application testing

Deploying a properly working product to the market is not always possible and must be preceded by testing phases. All projects related to the IT industry rely on various types of data, which the programmer sometimes does not have access to, they do not work properly, or the developer does not want to use real data in the testing phase, referring to the data confidentiality policy. Then he needs fake data, but creating it manually would be a tedious and time-consuming process. Faker.js is one of npm's (Node Package Manager) JavaScript-based modules that allows you to generate a large amount of fake data in a short period of time, providing an essential tool for the software testing stage. A simple script allows you to get fake names, email addresses, images, phone numbers, IP addresses, dates, etc. The data obtained in this way is inserted into the application as input, and then the application is checked to see if it works properly by analyzing the data output. Faker.js is particularly useful when you need to test how the system reacts to various changing data rather than static data. Its additional advantage is that it can be used both on the server side and on the browser side. What's more, the library does not require a connection to the desired database - you only need to use the JavaScript module.

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