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GraphCMS is one of the Headless CMS technologies that is dedicated to front-end developers. It functions as Software as a Service (SaaS) and allows you to create much more modern and faster applications than traditional content management systems using GraphQL.

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GraphCMS - the most flexible content API

GraphCMS is a hugely popular system in the development community that removes the problems that occur in traditional CMS by combining the capabilities of GraphQL and Headless CMS. It allows you to unify, update, upload, organize, add and filter content on your site from anywhere in the world in a fast, reliable and secure way, using an intuitive API with high availability and 24/7 support. It provides global distribution of content, and thanks to hosting using the CDN (content delivery network), it sends data without delay from the closest edge locations (edge localization). With GraphCMS, a company doesn't have to worry about the security and scalability of its applications and IT infrastructure - it's all included in the service. The interface of this tool supports read and write operations, and provides great flexibility and scalability. This headless CMS provides SSO (Single Sing-on) integration that enhances security, a perfectly thought-out roles and permissions mechanism, and allows you to create omnichannel content at scale. With all these advantages, GraphCMS allows you to deliver the most modern and flexible projects while reducing the costs associated with deploying applications that use multiple platforms to market. Recently, interest in this technology has grown significantly, and thanks to the modern solutions it offers, it has been chosen by such global brands as Unilever, Discovery, Prym, Shure and Tchibo.

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