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Modern Web Design is much more than designing aesthetically pleasing websites and applications. It is primarily a whole process of planning, design and implementation, for which knowledge from many fields is needed. It relies not only on the creativity of the web designer, but also on the programming skills of the web developer. As technology evolves, design requirements and trends change, however, there are a few constant principles that should always be followed when building a good website or web application.


Fundamental rules of Web Design

Web Design aims first and foremost to meet the needs and expectations of the user, and thus provide a connection between them and the content provider. Therefore, a well-designed and implemented project should be useful and functional, correctly programmed, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Web Design

A clear, pleasing to the eye appearance of a website or web application is just the tip of the iceberg, which is the result of many hours of planning. Proper structure and information architecture is expected, to provide the user with a positive user experience, ensuring that they can navigate the site or application smoothly and ensure that they can quickly find the content they are interested in. On the other hand, it is a series of code optimization and testing activities, which should be written in accordance with the requirements of web browsers. For several years, the code must also take into account Responsive Web Design, which allows sites or applications to display correctly on devices with different screen resolutions.


A poorly executed design is immediately noticed by the user, causing them to irretrievably abandon a site or application that did not meet their expectations.

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