We know that every detail matters - from thoughtful placement of elements, harmonious color palette, to smooth animations and interface responsiveness. We believe that excellent user experience is the key to any project's success, which is why we are fully committed to every implementation, keeping both visual and practical aspects in mind.

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User first

Our approach to design is based on the philosophy of user-oriented design. This means that we are always guided by the needs and expectations of users, without losing sight of the business goals of our clients. We try to carry out each stage of the design process in accordance with the methodology of design thinking having at its basis empathy towards users, reflection on the problems encountered and creativity in solving them.

We begin each project with a thorough market research and competitive analysis, which allows us to understand where your company can stand out and gain a competitive advantage. Our ultimate goal is to collect and analyze as much data as possible about your project, your business goals, your customers and their needs. This gives us a complete picture of the functionality needed, potential challenges but also the technologies or programming languages that need to be used for implementation.

The result of the conducted analysis and workshops (also with the target users) is an extended brief and diagrams depicting user interactions with the website, application or store (user flows), as well as user journeys diagrams allowing us to understand the motives, goals and problems that the user encounters when interacting with a given software, along with a broader analysis of the access channels.

We start the design of the interface or site itself by creating low-detail mockups, which form the basis for further discussions, revisions and iterations, which we carry out in the course of meetings and workshops with the client. Once we are sure of the direction of development, we move on to the creation of high-detail mockups, which we design in parallel with the design system based on the ATOM methodology, which ultimately makes it easier and faster to hand over the project to the developers.

However, the role of the design team does not end when the programmers start working. They supervise the quality, the implementation of the designed functionality and the visual aspect of the programmed components. Eventually, if necessary, it also conducts usability tests of already implemented solutions interpreting analytical data such as statistics, heatmaps, session recordings or conducts in-depth interviews with users themselves. These form the basis for further development of your application.


The process of developing apps, stores and sites at Boring Owl begins with workshops and ideation, where we work with the client to understand their vision. We then move on to the research stage to tailor the design to market and user needs. After gathering the necessary data, we create initial mockups that evolve into detailed, interactive interface designs. Once the design is ready, our development team transforms the vision into a working application. After implementation, we offer support, taking care of fixing the bugs that sometimes appear, updates and further development of the application.

At every stage of the process, we make sure to work closely with the client, ensuring that the final product meets all expectations and brings the expected business benefits.


UX and UI design is our strength, but our expertise goes much further. As an experienced software house, we have the knowledge and tools to program any website, store or mobile application. Using the latest technologies, we create solutions that are not only aesthetically appealing, but above all effective and functional. From the first consultation to the implementation of the project, we are your technology partner, ensuring that every piece of software is carefully considered and adapted to the specific needs of your business. In every project, we aim to ensure that our solutions add value and accelerate your company's achievement of its goals.

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Migration consortium

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