The purpose of creating this site was to provide the law firm's clients with easy access to information about services, industry news and effective communication with clients and potential business partners. The site is intended to serve as a platform that will simplify clients' interaction with the law firm and enable them to use its services quickly and efficiently. Through the use of modern technologies and features, our goal was to create a site and include an application to support it, which not only meets the expectations of clients, but also supports the development of the MLO law firm in a dynamic business environment.



In the case of this project, it was very important to research the sites of direct Polish competitors and analyze the positioning of sites with the same theme. We analyzed the competition from the SEO point of view as well as from the point of view of the structure of their pages, making maps and writing out what sections each sub-page consists of, and figuring out which solutions are beneficial and which are not. We also knew that most users browse the law firm's website on mobile devices, so we immediately started designing mobile, tablet and desktop views in parallel.

Case Study Kancelaria Mikulewicz OstaszewskiCase Study Kancelaria Mikulewicz OstaszewskiCase Study Kancelaria Mikulewicz Ostaszewski


The client was attached to the design of the existing site, which had been created quite recently, so we decided to keep it, expanding the site with designs for missing subpages, by which we wanted to complete the architecture of the site, which were kept in a consistent style and referred to the main page. The most important decisions we made while re-designing the site included the creation of an offer page and sub-pages for individual services with detailed descriptions and a FAQ section (this was also important from an SEO point of view), adding a CTA section in many places with redirection to a form with leaving your contact information, re-designing the way we present recommendations, a team page and an expanded blog, which also serves to keep the site highly ranked when searching for phrases related to the law firm's business. We also designed a tool available on the site - a restructuring calculator, which is used to calculate the total possible savings for a given client.

Case Study Kancelaria Mikulewicz OstaszewskiCase Study Kancelaria Mikulewicz Ostaszewski

Technology Decisions

When designing the site support system for MLO Law Firm, we made a number of key technology decisions that had a significant impact on the final result. When choosing technology, we focused on ensuring performance and ease of content management.


React + Next.js (App Route)

The decision to choose React in combination with Next.js was crucial for the effectiveness and efficiency of the project. Using these technologies allowed us not only to build dynamic and responsive user interfaces, but also to optimize for SEO.

We decided to use App Router, which was introduced with the Next 13.4 update, because of several key benefits the tool provides. First, with App Router we can use React Server Components that run on the server side. This is key to improving application performance and user experience, as it eliminates unnecessary client load and allows applications to load faster.

In addition, App Router supports complex paths and layouts, which is important in the context of our site, where we have many nested paths, such as /team/[slug]. This allows us to easily organize the structure of the application and organize its interface.

With App Router combined with other technologies, like Strapi as Headless CMS, we achieve flexibility and efficiency in data revalidation. In practice, this means that if we make changes to the data in the CMS, those changes will be immediately visible on the site. With this dynamic approach, any content update in the CMS automatically transfers to our website. This is crucial because it ensures that information is up-to-date and consistent for users, eliminating the need to manually synchronize data between different platforms. Through this process, website always reflects the latest information and changes, increasing its value to users and making it easier to keep our content current.

In addition, with Suspense, which is part of App Router, we can reduce server download time and improve the user experience by displaying a temporary interface while waiting for data. All this makes App Router an extremely valuable tool for our site, helping us update it effectively and efficiently.


Strapi + PostgreSQL

For content management, we used Strapi, an open source Headless CMS that allows easy content creation, editing and publishing. Along with choosing Strapi, we relied on PostgreSQl as a database, providing scalability, reliability and data security. With this combination of technologies, we were able to achieve effective communication between the front-end and back-end.

Case Study Kancelaria Mikulewicz Ostaszewski

Case Study Kancelaria Mikulewicz Ostaszewski


The created website for MLO Law Firm allows easy access to information about services, news and effective communication with clients. The use of modern technologies such as React, Next.js and Strapi allowed us to build a dynamic user interface and optimize for SEO. Thanks to App Router, combined with Strapi and PostgreSQL, we gained flexibility in data revalidation, which allows us to quickly update the application's content. As a result, the application meets customer expectations and provides a solid foundation for the further development of MLO Law Firm.

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