Python Scheduler is a Python language library that allows you to easily organize and speed up your work by scheduling code execution at a later time. It allows you to run language functions and tasks (programs, commands, scripts) and call them at strictly defined intervals, e.g.: every hour, every day, every week, every month or just once. The framework helps to efficiently schedule and automate work using a relatively simple and programmer-friendly syntax. The scheduler provides similar task tools on Linux and Windows, and by using an individual module, it helps to eliminate the differences that occur between them.

planowanie, Python Scheduler

Python Scheduler - an indispensable scheduler for planning and automating the running of tasks.

The task of Python Scheduler is to constantly monitor the relevant files with minute-by-minute accuracy and check whether a task should be run just in it. Then, when a task is started, the program sends a notification to the user's mail that it has proceeded with such an activity. Python scheduler allows you to store saved data, so every time you run it again, the tasks retain their state. Also, when the scheduler is activated, all tasks that should have been executed during the time the program was offline are automatically called.

Python Scheduler is equipped with three basic scheduling and task automation systems:

  • crone-style scheduling (characteristic for UNIX systems) with optional start and end times for running tasks;
  • interval-based scheduling - runs tasks at well-defined, regular intervals with optional start and end times for running tasks;
  • scheduling that uses a one-time, delayed task launch on a specific day at a specific time.


This flexible scheduling is extremely popular because it allows you to automate project work quickly, efficiently and reliably. This results in saving time and energy that a programmer would have to spend without Python Scheduler.

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