Marketing is a carefully planned strategy aimed at increasing a company's profit by providing products or services to its customers that meet their needs. It also includes building effective communication with the customer through a series of activities related to creating both a brand image and determining and creating consumer needs, as well as promoting products based on this knowledge.


Marketing - customer orientation that benefits the client and the company

Marketing originally meant a social process whose primary purpose was to create, offer and exchange or sell goods and services. Nowadays, the term has a very broad meaning and does not refer only to pushy advertising, but forms a whole business philosophy that includes all activities in all departments of the company. In the ideal sense of the word, it is the management of beneficial relationships with customers in such a way that they bring real value to both them and the company. Marketing (in simplified form) is a process that should include the following steps:

  1. Conducting a market analysis, i.e. the needs of customers in a specific target group.
  2. Carefully planning a marketing strategy across all customer communication channels - ominchannel.
  3. Building lasting relationships with customers and creating a positive customer experience. 
  4. Obtaining value from the customer, i.e. profit, which will allow the company to accumulate capital and further develop it.


So, marketing has the role of creating such a message about the brand itself and the products and services it offers, which are aimed at a specific audience. It is important to precisely specify the communication activities and its channels, as well as the purpose they are intended to evoke in customers. These activities include the means of communication, pricing, promotion and distribution of goods and services, conveying specific ideas and values to inspire trust and establish lasting relationships with customers.

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