TypeScript is a programming language supported by Microsoft. It is fully compliant with the latest JavaScript standards and compiles to JavaScript. The main difference from JS is TypeScript's extensive syntax, as well as static typing and type checking.


Practical use of TypeScript

JavaScript in its nature is difficult to maintain in larger applications because of the passed parameters in functions that can have any type. Many times I found that the forwarded data from the API had poor documentation and it was hard to figure out the format of the data coming from it. This took a very long time. If the person maintaining the library wrote it in TypeScript or added data types declared in TypeScript files it allowed for much faster software development.


In addition, working on code that has already been built by someone else, it is hard to detect errors with passed data. Many times working with ReactJS projects written in pure JavaScript I saw white screens caused by an incorrectly, accidentally passed parameter which instead of being a String turned out to be an extended object.


One of the most common errors is at least a typical typo, which in JavaScript is impossible to spot, only after running the application, and what's worse, realizing the error on production, you can see it in the form of a white screen and an errror in the console.



const apiStructure = { key: value } 

It won't show an error in JavaScript when writing code, but it does in TypeScript.


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The ability to start right away in TypeScript

When writing software in TypeScript, you don't have to type everything and use Strict immediately. You can implement basic syntax elements and start building better software right away. You also don't need to use advanced generic functions, and Interface or Type will be enough.

I strongly recommend you to test your hand at TypeScript because of the not-so-great entry threshold with a good knowledge of JavaScript, as well as the excellent hinting of available functions or data types with IDEs such as Atom or Visual Code Studio.

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