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An important part, of any project, is well-written tests. Often in our work as programmers, we look for solutions to speed up our work or to automate it. In this article, I will introduce the Selenium tool that will help us automate tests.


What is Selenium?

Selenium is an automated testing platform, which allows us to create reproducible tests without knowing the language under test. Selenium is an open source tool and was first released in 2004. Selenium also allows us to write tests in languages such as JavaScript (Node.js), C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Scala. We can run the tests on most browsers.

Testy, Selenium

Are you looking for a contractor working with Selenium ?

Selenium Webdriver, Selenium IDE and Selenium Grid.

Selenium provides us with a pair of tools to work with, which each have a specific role in supporting the automation of web application testing.


Selenium Webdriver - Simulates the browser user experience and uses it as if a real user were doing it. With a simple configuration, WebDriver can be used in all the most popular browsers such as: Firefox, Safari, Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer.


Selenium IDE - This is an extension for browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge that makes it easy to record and playback tests in the browser.


Selenium Grid - Allows WebDriver to run tests on multiple computers at the same time, reducing the time needed to test on multiple browsers and operating systems.

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