Scala is a typed language that supports both object-oriented and functional programming running on the Java virtual machine. It was created in 2001 by Martin Odersky and put into general use in 2004. Its name comes from the anglicized phrase scalable language, which is meant to draw attention to the language's primary advantage of scalability, or customization. It was created as an alternative to the creation of a simpler version of Java being a slightly older language, and therefore requiring backward compatibility to be maintained each time, which will ensure that newer versions of code work correctly in older versions of the JVM.

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Scala - scalability and flexibility for any type of application

By combining object-oriented and functional programming, Scala promotes better coding and allows you to achieve greater efficiency throughout your app. At the same time, it is a less restrictive and more transparent, concise and functional language than Java. The language can make its own guesses about object types, while the language's functional elements contribute to high code quality and security, which is extremely useful especially in multithreaded programs. Also, the language is friendly to developers who have so far used object-oriented programming, since the functional style is not obligatory here and can be turned on at any time when working on a project.

Scala allows you to use lines of code written in Java without having to rewrite the libraries that were used in the project. This is because it uses standard libraries and only a small part of them needs to be replaced again. Scalable schema-based projects created in this way, are much easier to code, test, debug and deploy. The language offers clean code and advanced functionality, so it can be used as a comprehensive language in many projects to develop computer software, games, web applications, mobile solutions and software provided that high performance is not the main priority. Scala is used by such global brands as LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter, Blizzard, Coursera and Klout.

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