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Big data are distributed and highly diverse datasets most often from new digital sources and are associated with widespread access to the Internet and all services provided by it. This data is so extensive that it not only requires the use of modern software to manage it, but also the work of many specialists. Analyzing this data makes it possible to gain new knowledge about the market and draw conclusions that solve the company's key business problems and influence its development.

Big data

Big data - processing and analysis of data valuable to any business

Big data are complex data sets with high reliability and real value for business. It is also worth mentioning that the methods of their collection are fully legal. The data is collected, for example, when a customer installs a specific application on their smartphone, automatically consenting to the processing of their personal data, through social media posts, or by tracking customer traffic on company websites. It is on the basis of this information that companies can improve their operations, as big data brings many benefits including:

  • better company decision-making;
  • improvement of products and services;
  • creation of more effective marketing strategies and offers;
  • better matching company operations to customer needs and expectations;
  • gaining a competitive advantage through long-term operations.


A huge potential has been recognized in big data, so over the past few years a lot of modern software has been developed, which has significantly reduced the cost of both storing and processing data. Nevertheless, specialists in analyzing them continue to spend most of their time selecting and organizing them, which takes as much as 50-80% of their work before they manage to get "clean" data and use it in a valuable way for the company.

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