Firebase is Google's platform for comprehensive development of modern mobile applications. It is a tool that offers a variety of services related to the programming of applications, its analysis, monitoring of quality and stability, and achievement of specific business goals. It improves the work of developers by quickly pointing out errors and shortcomings of the project, thanks to detailed reports generated from the planning of the architecture, to the stage of testing the application's performance, ending with promotional campaigns.


Firebase better than Google Analytics?

The advantage of Firebase is that it allows building applications based on modern React and Angular technologies without the need for a back-end, and is fully integrated with Google Cloud. Therefore, it doesn't require managing servers from scratch - it is itself a kind of server, data warehouse and API, which can additionally be easily personalized according to the requirements of a given application. It is an ideal solution for small businesses, which can use the free version to build their own applications at a small cost.


The paid version of Firebase is built with a number of functional modules grouped into four main categories, which can be used independently. It provides automatic scaling of each project and greatly supports the work of data synchronization, authorization and hosting. It also provides constant monitoring of the application's user behavior, generating reports as a basis for improving the quality and performance of the application to achieve the intended financial goals. The tool allows you to work on Androids and iOS, and is strongly supported and dynamically developed by Google.

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