CMS (Content Management System), or content management system, is a software that allows you to easily create dynamic websites and manage their content without any practical programming knowledge. The intuitive administration panel allows quick navigation of the website, published entries, management of the site structure, adding graphics, modifying the appearance, assigning permissions to users, etc.


CMS - free and dedicated

There are two basic types of CMS, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. CMS based on open code (open source) means that you can download it for free without any fees. It is faster and cheaper, and the intuitive panel allows you, in a short time, to get familiar with its functioning. However, it is open source, so it is more vulnerable to be attacked by hackers. It has many free plug-ins that greatly expand its capabilities. However, if you want to better customize your site to meet specific needs, you should buy paid plug-ins. Among the most popular open source CMS are: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, TYPO3 or Expression Engine.

CMS co to znaczy?

Dedicated CMS, on the other hand, is created at the special request of a given company by an IT company. Its code is designated only for the client, which means great security for such a site. Its main advantage is that it is completely customized to the individual needs of a particular brand. This type of CMS is built on the basis of HTML and CSS, does not require a database or server with access to PHP, while the product itself is unique. Its disadvantage is definitely the higher cost of its development, as it is generally created from scratch by a team of specialists, and since it is completely unique and original it requires constant cooperation with the agency that created it.

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