Jekyll Admin is a dedicated plugin that makes it easy to generate tangent pages in Jekyll. This headless CMS was written in 2008 in Ruby by GitHub co-founder Tom Preston-Werner. Since then, it has seen many improvements including a dedicated plugin that provides access to the graphical user interface characteristic of most CMSs. Just as the WordPress CMS provides easy editing of graphics and blocks of text with a preview function as part of its standard, the Jekyll Admin page generator also allows for easy and quick editing of content, thanks to the modern Jekyll plugin. Although it is often combined with writing typical blog posts, it has many other capabilities, which is why it is slowly gaining popularity and competing with WordPress.

Jekyll Admin, System CMS

Jekyll Admin - a graphical interface for easier content editing

Headless CMS Jekyll itself is popular with developers due to the simplicity of creating tangential pages using flexible, ready-made templates. It provides remarkable page loading speed. It mainly handles HTML files when reviewing a given site, and these in turn allow servers to respond faster without additional processing, as in the case of WordPress-based dynamic sites. The Jekyll Admin plugin itself does not have high server requirements needed for its installation, as everything is generated statically. In addition, it is very flexible in use and easy to configure. It also has no hosting requirements, so it integrates perfectly with many backend frameworks.

The plugin provides an easy-to-use and intuitive graphical user interface, which greatly improves productivity. It uses the popular WYSWIG editor, an HTML page editor that works in visual mode. Its operation does not require knowledge of HTML code itself and allows you to quickly add graphics, text or video files. Jekyll Admin allows you to both preview a post and add it with the click of a button. This makes it usable even by non-technical people who do not have extensive programming knowledge.

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