Chart js. is an open source library for JavaScript that allows you to create data visualizations in the form of interactive charts. It was developed by English programmer Nick Downie in 2013 and is currently the second most popular library just after D3.js for graphical representation of data. It owes its popularity among the GitHub community by which it is maintained primarily to its simplicity and high performance, allowing it to create functional charts with little effort.


Chart.js. offers ready-to-use line charts, bar charts, pie charts, area charts, point charts, radar charts, bubble charts and more, and allows you to style and configure them as you like. They are ideal for use in a personal blog, online store or corporate presentations, as sometimes very complex data can be put into more accessible and understandable forms for the viewer. Although the more popular D3.js uses ready-made, customizable building blocks, it requires more coding skills and assumes a trowel from scratch, which is in turn very time-consuming. Chart.js, on the other hand, allows you to visualize data with minimal knowledge of code. A default interactive legend is automatically generated for all charts available in the library, which can be placed anywhere on the chart, and the charts themselves can be styled to your liking by changing their background color, fill color or line color and line widths. What's more, each chart automatically adjusts its size depending on the resolution of the device on which it is displayed. Chart.js is by far the best choice for creating standard charts designed for those who want to spend less time preparing such data visualizations.

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