IT security is the IT department responsible for providing security for IT systems, devices and data, as well as preventing crashes and hacker attacks. In the age of widespread access to the Internet, it is cyber security that helps protect a company and individuals from unwanted actions by third parties, especially when more and more crimes are being committed via computers and the Internet.


IT security - security in cyberspace

IT security was a little-known IT sector in Poland until a dozen years ago. Today, with the development of digitization, more and more companies are looking for and hiring cyber security specialists, whose work allows these companies to function in the market. Lack of proper security for devices and networks can not only slow down the growth of a company, instead of speeding it up, but it can also threaten to completely paralyze it or take over crucial data by unauthorized persons, and therefore cause millions of dollars in losses or bankrupt the company. IT security is a person who deals with, among other things:

  • securing and preventing threats to IT infrastructure;
  • analyzing and controlling devices and systems; 
  • designing and implementing new security systems; 
  • cooperating with auditors and other cyber security specialists; 
  • properly configuring network devices.


Its work is particularly important not only in the banking and finance sectors, which conduct operations in cyberspace involving huge sums of money, but also in any company where commercial and sensitive customer data is stored in systems. IT security is crucial in public trust institutions and global brands that build their prestige and increase their competitiveness based on the trust of their customers.