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Node.js is known to developers around the world as a tool for running Java Script in an environment other than a web browser. It makes it possible to build websites, because it offers a number of programming modules that extremely improve the work on any project. It was written in C++ based on the V8 engine by Google and allows compiling JavaScript source code into machine language. Thanks to its performance, it can handle many requests simultaneously, which is why its popularity far surpasses the most popular Apache.


The remarkable popularity of Node.js

As an application runtime environment, Node.js is single-threaded, solves scalability issues and has non-blocking input/output support.


It allows you to create frontend and backend in one of the most popular JavaScript programming languages, especially since it follows the ECMA Script standardization. Its undeniable advantage is the ability to efficiently manage libraries and developer dependencies through NPM (Node Package Manager) software, which includes among others: Gulp, Express, Grunt, jQuery or React, etc. Since the environment is written in C++ it provides a high level of application reliability, smoothness and speed, and what's more, it has a relatively low entry threshold, since almost every programmer is familiar with Java Script. There is a reason why many globally recognized brands such as: Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Linked or PayPal are just using Node. js. What is particularly important, it is also used by Amazon, so you can successfully use this solution during the development of cloud projects that make it possible to build serverless applications.


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Is Node.js difficult to learn?

Node is a JavaScript-based technology, so the pace of learning depends on your knowledge of this programming language. People with a solid foundation are able to pick up the basics of node.js in a few weeks. Developers without much prior experience will take much longer. Understanding how the popular APIs provided by Node.js work is crucial. With knowledge of building back-ends in other technologies, you should have no problem making progress in learning Node.

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