It features remarkably clear and readable code, whose syntax is clear enough to make it as simple as possible for humans. What's more, it is among the languages developed under an open license, and its code is interpreted by many operating systems. The language can be applied to almost any project - from dynamic websites, mobile and desktop applications or social networks, to scripts and scientific and financial applications, as well as in the development of computer games. It is quite popular in the industry, as global companies such as Google, Dropbox, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Netflix are eager to use it.

python język programowania

Python - simplicity and efficiency

Python is gaining popularity due to the fact that its code is extremely short and easy compared to other languages, which translates into a low degree of difficulty in learning it. With it, you can build impressive websites characterized by modernity and functionality in a relatively easy way, thanks to Python libraries such as Django and Flask.


With the help of rich libraries, fast code readability and automatically executed tests, it is possible to significantly reduce work time and budget for services built on the basis of other languages. Python is a dynamically typed language, which in practice means that you don't have to set the types of variables, and memory management itself is handled by a garbage collector. At the same time, it has fewer syntactic structures than other languages, and its code can be read like ordinary English text. Also, since it is an object-oriented language, it allows for multi-module projects, and therefore for code sharing when working in a team.

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