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Embedded is an inbuilt system that is part of another computer system, the purpose of which is to control devices that require automation. Each of such systems has a microprocessor or microcontroller that takes care of strictly defined sentences. Such a microprocessor is a small, low-power computer that has a processor, memory and communication ports, and is an integral part of another electronic or mechanical device.

Mikroprocesor, Embedded

Embedded - a multi-purpose embedded system

The more reliable an embedded system is, the simpler and the more specialized it is to perform only one task, so that it can react more quickly to various critical moments of the device it controls. It is also common for one task to be handled by as many as two embedded systems, so that if one system fails, a specific task will be performed by the other system. Today, embedded systems are widely used in many industries and devices, including:

  • software controlling rockets, airplanes or missiles - the first embedded system is considered to be the one found in the computer controlling the Apollo spacecraft;
  • mobile devices: phones, smartphones, tablets, digital watches, game consoles;
  • medical equipment - all electronic devices used to take precise measurements such as blood pressure or lung capacity;
  • PCL controllers - industrial machines responsible for steering and controlling production processes;
  • home appliances - dishwashers, washing machines or microwave ovens have embedded systems that allow you to select specific functions;
  • automobiles in the form of reverse sensors, ABS, on-board computers, navigation, devices that control the engine or regulate the suspension;
  • alarm systems - burglar or fire alarm systems used to protect property and people.

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