Angular is the oldest and most popular Java Script framework, with which you can create both simple and complex websites and mobile applications. It was released in 2010 by Google, so it is extremely stable and very strongly supported by it. Along with React.js and Vue.js, Angular is most trusted by developers around the world who program front-end with JS.

It's written in a Java Script extension like Type Script - a very strongly typed language, so it enforces good practices on developers and results in high quality code. The framework is based on running in the browser on the customer's side and relies on HTML interference, so it doesn't send requests to the server, which in turn makes projects render very fast and efficient.


Angular - stability and reputation

Angular is a library that comes with a very powerful set of tools, so it offers many new possibilities. It is based on components, i.e. templates written in HTML, which extremely speeds up the rendering of the entire application thanks to their reusability. HTML, Java Script and CSS code is downloaded once when the application is launched, while the other required resources are dynamically downloaded only when they are actually needed. This saves a lot of time, also by using built-in tools and custom templates. On top of that, it enables DOM work and simplifies data manipulation with Ajax and MCV (Model-View-Controller). What makes Angular stand out from other Java Script frameworks is bidirectional data binding, which enables full synchronization between data models and the view layer. In addition, it has built-in data filtering mechanisms, which takes developers out of writing these functions themselves.

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