Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting is the first step on the way to creating your digital product. It's an organizational meeting where we'll talk together about the goals and tasks of the project, as well as the roles and responsibilities that each participant will have during its implementation. The kick-off meeting can also be used to set the work schedule and to ensure that everyone has access to the necessary information and resources.

Creating an introduction to the brief

Based on discussions about your idea, we will prepare an initial brief, a short document that contains information and guidelines for the project. This will give each team member involved constant access to the expectations and assumptions of the product being developed. The introduction to the brief also allows you to concretize your initial ideas, which significantly improves the efficiency of your action plan.


Design workshops

A 'Product Design Workshop' can cover various aspects of design, such as prototyping, concept testing, developing technical specifications and selecting materials. We will adjust the scope and plan of the service to your project specifications. At this stage, we require a high level of involvement on your side and a smooth transfer of materials in subsequent iterations. As a result, we will be able to better understand the needs of the users of the designed applications.



Once we know exactly what you expect from both your project and us, we can move on to the research stage. Its complexity and extension will be adjusted individually to your product. Research will include exploring a given topic, understanding the needs of recipients and finding answers to questions about e.g. competition, industry trends and ways to ensure the usability and attractiveness of the product.



After the research, we analyze in detail all the collected information about the project, market and the competition. This will allow us to better understand the needs and requirements of a given project. Analyzing all these areas allows us to later accurately represent your expectations for the product. This stage is essential for the final result to be consistent with both the original idea and market requirements, as well as the needs of the users.



Ux design

UX design is a stage related to user experience design. In particular, we focus on creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. This stage begins with the creation of wireframes and low-detail mockups. At this point, solutions such as the visual layout of the site and its information architecture are planned. Each finished and developed concept will be presented and explained so that the initial product design already meets your needs.


UI design

The next step in product design is UI design, i.e. creating high-detail mock-ups. This is the final appearance of the website or application. At this stage, we take care of the visual aspect of your idea. Not only usability is taken into account here, but also the aesthetics of a given product.



The next stage of the design process is the creation of prototypes, i.e. detailed models and product samples that are used to test and check ideas and solutions in terms of their functionality and usability. This allows us to verify the assumptions of the project and effectively identify any errors. Their detection at this stage of product development allows us to correct them quickly and without problems.


Development & testing

Programming is the stage where we create the source code for the application. We use a kanban board to manage the project, on which you can verify the progress of the work. You will also receive from us permanent access to a tool showing the time spent on individual tasks. This allows you to easily verify the ongoing involvement of the project team.

Deploy the product


The final step on the way to a fully finished product is production implementation. It is the evaluation of real users that provides confirmation of the correct design of the application. In order to better understand the needs of users, we implement advanced analytics tools for our clients to help continuously improve the product based on data from the production environment.


Further cooperation

We will act as your technology partner and support you at every stage of your product development, including after implementation. On behalf of our clients, we have participated in discussions with investors, drafting grant applications or selling software.