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Clojure is a dynamic and modern dialect of the LISP programming language. It is a general-purpose language, and its accessible but efficient and solid structure is adapted for functional and multithreaded programming. Its name comes from the English word Closure, in which the letter "s" was changed to "j" - its author, Rich Hickey, wanted the dialect to be unambiguously associated with Java. Therefore, the two languages are fully compatible with each other - both Clojure and Java can be easily run from the latter.


Clojure - a concise language adapted to the needs of the user

It is noteworthy that this LIPS programming dialect implements its philosophy: it is the language that is supposed to adapt to the user's needs, not the other way around. That's why Clojure running on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Java along with its libraries such as Spring, Hibernate and Apache. Contributing to its popularity is the fact that creating similar structures in this dialect results in far fewer lines of code than when writing them with Java. This, in turn, makes working with the dialect faster and much more efficient, since the shorter code contains fewer errors that would then have to be corrected.


Among the things that characterize Clojure are:

  • a language compiled to JVM byte code or run by an interpreter; 
  • code brevity;
  • an extensive library of immutable, fixed data structures;
  • support for real-time functions;
  • programmatic transactional memory system;
  • default invocation of Java methods and vice versa.
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