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Symfony is a PHP language library that streamlines the work of building modern websites and mobile applications. It is an open source framework, and its main advantage is the ability to create high-quality programs in a fast and automated way. It was created to combine PHP components with library functionalities, a philosophy of working based on high standards and a community gathered around it, which together form a harmonious whole. Its modernity and flexibility have made it appreciated by developers from all over the world and it is now the most popular PHP framework right next to Laravel.

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Symfony - incredible flexibility and performance

Symfony runs on pre-built components and packages that can be used independently. Therefore, there are no obstacles to use and configure them again and again for subsequent applications, which saves developers' work and project expenses. The library can also be used in standard PHP solutions, as well as in other PHP frameworks. Also, working on projects using this framework from the very beginning places great importance on high performance of a modern application, which is why it is counted among the fastest PHP libraries.


Symfony includes a lot of custom functionality, which makes it easily adaptable to individual needs. It allows you to use off-the-shelf solutions or create your own developer- and business-friendly structures. The library is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, which allows you to organize a graphical user interface. Each project has a file structure divided into:

  • model - focused on the business logic of a website or web application;
  • view - provides a graphical representation of this model visible to the user in the form of individual views and sub-views;
  • controller - reacts to changes related to user activity and makes appropriate changes to both the model itself as well as the graphical views.


All these Symfony components are related to each other, but developers can freely separate them if necessary, which makes it easier to make changes throughout the project. This makes the framework extremely flexible and open to the latest technologies. It allows to create projects of the highest quality, relying on good practices and high standards of code writing. It also supports developers' creativity, allowing them to build and add custom plugins and functionality they create.

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