Gulp.js is an open source task runner, a toolkit for automating the work of a front-end developer. It was developed in JavaScript by Eric Schoffstall in 2013 and is run from within Node.js and NPM (Node Package Manager). It works by streaming files that are used to build websites and web applications.


Gulp.js - the best friend of every front-end developer

The work of a programmer is not only about writing code, but also about performing a number of additional tasks that, although they do not take much time in themselves, due to their repetitive nature, are a tedious task and negatively affect work efficiency. Gulp.js is a smart tool that, thanks to certain commands, automatically performs a number of tasks in the background, so that the programmer can take care of what he needs to do. This task runner also allows you to separate JavaScript files for individual modules, and then create a master file that combines all the files of these modules, which as a result gives a clear structure to the entire project and makes it much easier to work with. Gulp.js also allows you to install plugins for it, responsible for other activities, so you can customize it to your own needs and expectations. It allows you to automatize almost any activity, which is why it is one of the indispensable and highly valued tool in the work of a front-end developer.


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Some of the most important benefits and tasks of Gulp.js include:

  • splitting files and combining them into a single file.
  • code minification by e.g.: removing spaces, comments, empty lines, etc.
  • refreshing the browser window each time you save changes to the code.
  • possibility to use SASS, Swig, Browserify.
  • attaching files to HTML documents.
  • copying files after image optimization.
  • support for unit testing.
  • skipping cache busting.

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