Maven is a free tool that helps automate work in Java application development. It manages the build and self-discovery and download of project dependencies in an extremely structured way, and supports compilation and code testing processes. It performs its functions based on plugins, which it downloads and installs during the first run. The tool watches for any version changes of the libraries the application uses and substitutes them on its own. However, it requires the correct naming of individual directories, according to its guiding principle: convention over configuration, which makes it almost immediately ready for use.

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Maven - comprehensive automation of development work

Maven stores information about its settings in the XML file pom.xml, which contains the project's dependencies or plug-ins provided by the tool, which can be used freely. This document describes the entire project in detail, storing data not only on the project's dependencies, but also on the technologies used to support the development of the project, or information on team members. The purpose of POM, the Project Object Model, is to break down the larger application files into clear modules, which make it much easier to manage the work on the project and easily systematize the way of inheritance.

During unit and integration testing, Maven automatically generates any reports and JAR or WAR files. Although the tool itself has many plug-ins that offer various functionalities, it also allows you to add your own plug-ins. It facilitates collaboration on complex projects and helps catch bugs that affect the malfunctioning of a specific functionality, so you can quickly react and make appropriate changes. Using it for the first time can overwhelm users unfamiliar with it, but more and more IT companies are treating Maven as an absolute standard for working on modern applications.

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