Strapi is an open source CMS designed for developers who want to create modern projects by separating the frontend layer from the backend. It was created in 2006 by three Frenchmen: Aurélien Georget, Jim Laurie and Pierre Burgy, and has since become the most popular headless CMS on GitHub. It is written in JavaScript and allows you to choose the type of database between relational and non-relational. It offers great flexibility in the process of building websites, as it allows you to use the most popular JavaScript libraries, such as React, Vue and Angular, as well as create your own custom interfaces. French bank Societe Generale created its site based on it.


Strapi Headless, as a headless content management system, allows to separate the frontend and backend parts, which from now on work independently. This allows frontend developers to create the visual layer at will. The site then pulls all content from the CMS instance using the API and displays it to users. This allows the introduction of new content by contetnt manegers to be done independently of the visual side. This is extremely helpful and effective when building new projects or working on improving functionality on a website or web application. A huge advantage of the system is the increased security of the site, since most often the frontend and backend are on separate servers.

Strapi CMS

Strapi, being a relatively young technology, is constantly being improved. It already shows off some interesting features that affect the efficiency of developers' work:

  • a friendly and easy-to-use layout using the drop and down method;
  • a variety of fields for validating data ready for use in emails, the login process or media (PDF, video, audio, graphics);
  • a flexible text editor for building different types of content on websites;
  • an increasingly growing online community to help solve ongoing problems that users and companies have faced, and one that is naturally involved in testing new features.


Strapi also has plans to provide more and more new features, including: the ability to assign permissions and roles to users or create multilingual web applications and websites.

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