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It's sometimes worth thinking about how to work more efficiently, or simply faster. When we want to speed up our work a bit, it is worth thinking about automatization. Therefore, in today's article I will present a tool that will help automate the entire process of testing a web application.


Jenkins what is it used for?

Jenkins is an open source server that is used to automate the building, testing and deployment of apps. Jenkins was created by Kohsuke Kawaguchi and was first released in February 2011. Jenkins allows you to build apps in multiple languages.


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How does Jenkins work?

When we upload our project to a repository, e.g. on github, Jenkins automatically downloads the code from it and proceeds. It is worth mentioning here that Jenkins is started every time we make changes to our repository. Jenkins can be configured to run a set of unit tests to make sure that new changes to the project have not messed up the compilation. If these tests are not successfully completed the developer will be notified. Besides, Jenkins provides the ability to run the compilation on multiple computers, in order to minimize the time required to perform many of the steps. Thanks to continuous integration (CI), in which artifacts are created and tested automatically, we are able to catch problems early in the development of an application.

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