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Groovy is a lightweight and fun programming language for the Java platform that supports dynamic and static programming. It has many features that make the code - which is similar to Java code - even more readable and concise, making it a good alternative to Kotlin and Scala languages. Thanks to its tight integration with Java, it allows you to use numerous libraries of that language, greatly expanding its capabilities.

Programista, Groovy

Groovy is a kind of extension of Java, however, it is much more flexible than it. Unlike the general-purpose Java language, which is used for static programming, Groovy also allows dynamic programming, during which interpretation and type checking is done at the time of implementation rather than during code compilation. It is most often used to write scripts that automate the work of programmers and is oriented toward testing applications. It easily supports regular expressions, provides native support for associative array mappings and allows efficient processing of XML and JSON data. Groovy's syntax is much more readable and concise than Java's, plus it includes all the functionality of a high-level language, meaning developers don't have to worry about memory management. Brands such as Netflix and Samsung use this flexible programming language.

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