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A full stack developer is a developer who combines the skills of a front-end and back-end developer. He is responsible for both the visual side of the website as well as the web application that the user interacts with, and for everything that takes place on the server side that is not visible to the user. As part of their work, they deal with operating systems, database and server support, and are familiar with the most important tools for managing the environment in which they work.

Programista full stack

Full stack - a programmer for everything

A full stack developer is a highly sought-after employee by many companies, especially smaller ones, because his range of competencies allows him to independently build a working website or application from start to finish. He often works with DevOps, cybersecurity specialists or graphic designers. Because he has the skills of front-end and back-end developers, he understands the importance and goals of the various elements of a project much better than they do, and combines them into a cohesive whole. A full stack is a programmer who has experience-backed knowledge of:

  • HTML, CSS and Java Script;
  • Computer graphics programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator;
  • Vue, Angular or React frameworks ;
  • Node.js environment as well as Gulp and Webpack;
  • a language typically used in the back-end, such as PHP, Java or Ruby;
  • SQL-based relational databases;
  • REST API design principles;
  • application testing;
  • UI and UX principles;
  • GIT version control system.


A full stack developer is a person who should constantly expand his knowledge and be interested in technological innovations. His main tasks include:

  • designing the structure and visual side of the website and application;
  • working with project teams to develop the most optimal solutions;
  • creating clear and consistent code based on the highest standards;
  • testing the code;
  • creating technical documentation;
  • resolving current issues and updating software.

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