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Kubernetes is an open source platform for managing, automating and scaling tasks and services running in containers. Its first version was created by Google in 2014, but is currently being developed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Containers run in a machine-like fashion, so they have their own file system, as well as their own share of CPU and memory resources. They can be easily moved between clouds and different operating systems, so they have become extremely popular in the development community.

Zarządzanie kontenerami, Kubernetes

Kubernetes - high flexibility and speed for working with containers

Kubernetes works with many container tools including Docker, the most popular system for creating, packaging and deploying distributed applications. A huge advantage of the platform is its reliability - it makes sure that in a production environment, in case one container stops working, another container is immediately started. Also, it makes containers available via DNS or IP address, and controls and redirects network traffic in case of heavy loads. Kubernetes easily manages container lifecycles and allows scaling them to the desired state, automatically monitors and maintains them. The platform allows the separation of containers, which become portable applications once deployed, allowing them to be quickly and easily moved from local, hybrid or cloud environments with consistency between environments. The program self-deploys containers on machines in such a way as to make the best use of CPU power and RAM for each of them. In addition, it autonomously restores containers that have stopped working, replacing them with new ones or forcing them to shut down until they are repaired. Kubernetes also ensures high data security by managing information in the form of passwords, tokens or SSH keys.

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