Prose is a headless content management system designed for building static Jekyll sites. It provides a web-based interface that allows you to add, edit and delete files directly on GitHub and save changes even by non-technical users thanks to its simplicity of use.

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Prose - management of page content in Jekyll static page generator

Prose is an ideal tool when editing content on a page will be handled by many people including those who don't have much to do with programming. It provides a simple and intuitive-to-use interface/content editor, formatting toolbar and draft preview, and provides syntax highlighting. It is built on top of the older Backbone.js front-end framework, making it extremely stable. Prose allows you to easily segregate your documents into different categories and continue working where you left off last time. It allows you to quickly and easily share your documents from within the app, modify fonts, line height and character spacing. It also allows comments in the text or in a separate message, and provides a dark mode ideal for those who like to work after dark. Prose is entirely client-side software, so it doesn't require a separate server or database - you only need authentication on the GitHub platform to use it. Nevertheless, you can host your project on your own GitHub Webhook server or for free on GitHub Pages.

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