Hasura is a modern "backend as a service" cloud technology that allows reading and writing data from databases directly from an API. It uses the GraphQL query language, which provides many opportunities for developers and removes the limitations of using a RESTful API.

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Hasura - direct access to databases through a powerful and scalable API.

Hasura is an application that is a kind of database overlay that offers both an API and a management system - a dashboard. It makes it easy to send data requests to the server, and unlike traditional REST APIs, which require multiple requests, thanks to the GraphQL language, Hasura only does it once. It's an open source technology that allows you to create modern and custom applications extremely fast, and it has built-in authorization and caching mechanisms, making it much easier for developers. It can be run locally and in the cloud, and can be connected to existing or new databases. Hasura provides direct access to data through a scalable, secure and powerful API. It automates more than half of the API development work, so you can quickly perform a whole project upgrade. The technology doesn't require extensive knowledge of GraphQL, so even less experienced developers can get started with it. A huge advantage of Hasura is its support for multiple databases, such as: PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Oracle, MySQL or MongoDB and much more. The technology also comes with built-in RLS authentication, allowing secure interface sharing within or outside the team. It also allows access to and handling of mission-critical data necessary for business operations, human life or related to important social functions, so Hasura is often used by medical facilities, government agencies or banking and financial services companies.

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