XD, xD or xD is mainly associated with an emoticon expressing amusement, at least that is the context in which most Internet users use it. Adobe has also put the XD sign to use, putting it in the name of its application for web and app designers.

Adobe XD is another product from the Adobe stable that is part of Creative Cloud. It was released in 2017 as a tool to create interactive mockups for websites and mobile apps. It is extremely intuitive and easy to use, which is why it is quite a competition to older tools of its kind such as Figma or Sketch. Thanks to its functionality, it is extremely popular among UX and UI designers and computer graphic designers.


Adobe XD - interactivity and compatibility

The main advantage of the tool is its intuitive operation known from other Adobe products. Its developers have ensured that it is fully compatible with other products of the well-known brands, which has a tremendous impact on the speed of its work. This compatibility involves processing changes made to open Photoshop or Illustrator files, which are automatically applied to those files used by Adobe XD. However, unlike the aforementioned, the modern prototyping tool is extremely powerful. Even with many extended views open, the program does not stutter, allows almost unlimited undoing of changes and automatic duplication of grids and elements. What's more, it allows simultaneous design for different screen resolutions - from iphones to ful HD. Another advantage of the mockup tool is its interactivity, although not as extensive as Figma. It allows you to work on the project together with your team and write comments to both clients and colleagues. All you have to do is save the temporary address of the project prototype generated by the tool. What's more, Adobe's new product offers application testing on real devices. Although Adobe XD also has its flaws it is still being tested and developed, which bodes extremely well for its continued popularity.


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How much does AdobeXD cost?

The free version of the app is sufficient for learning, as well as working on projects on your own. The paid plan of Adobe XD costs 12.,29 €/month and allows sharing more projects or more features for teamwork. The program can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website, after registration.

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