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jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries that allows the user to manipulate elements in HTML, and therefore makes it possible to work with the DOM tree. It enables the use of animation elements and interactive elements written in AJAX. The reason for its popularity is that it allows the use of ready-made functions in the form of scripts, which speed up and simplify the work of front-end developers in charge of the visual layer and interactivity of applications and improves their compatibility with different browsers and platforms. The above library is used by, among others: Amazon, Microsoft, Paypal, GitHub, Stackoverflow, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia. 


jQuery - functionality and comfort in building a frontend layer

jQuery is designed to shorten the code used to call functions in JavaScript with simple, one-line commands, which incredibly speeds up work, and has a concise and clear syntax. It makes quick and understandable use of selectors and attributes, handles events, changes and assigns styles to DOM elements and manipulates its objects, introduces animation elements and provides user interaction using AJAX. The library is relatively small in size with all the multitude of additional plug-ins. An unquestionable advantage of jQuery is its well-detailed documentation including examples of code application with tips for its use.

It is an open source library, which means that anyone can improve it by pointing out bugs in the code and by creating and sharing their own functionalities. For this reason, many useful extensions to the library are being developed, including jQuery UI, which streamlines the work of frontend developers to build user-friendly intuitive interfaces. It also simplifies unit testing through specially developed modules and responsible libraries such as jQuery - Qunit. Meanwhile, the library's API further relieves developers of the need to check for errors and inconsistencies in code across browsers.

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