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New trends and innovations are constantly emerging in the IT HR department to attract and maintain the best employees in a rapidly growing industry.

Soft skills development, remote working and flexible working hours or loyalty and motivational programs are just a small part of the changes that are taking place in the IT HR department. All this is done to meet the demands of the job market and attract the best professionals in the industry.

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IT HR Positions

Recruitment and related activities are a large part of the IT market. In IT HR, you will find a wide variety of positions, each with its own specific tasks and responsibilities. Some of the most common HR positions in the IT industry are:

  • Recruiter - is in charge of attracting new employees to a company. His job is to conduct recruitment processes and actively search for candidates on various industry portals and forums.
  • HR Business Partner - is responsible for working closely with IT managers to provide the right level of human resources in the company. His task is strategic HR planning, including employee development and team motivation.
  • Talent Manager - is in charge of managing the careers of employees in the company. His task is to identify high-potential employees and tailor career paths to their individual needs.
  • HR Analyst - is responsible for analyzing the company's human resources data. His task is to provide information on the effectiveness of HR activities and forecast HR needs.
  • HR Manager - is responsible for the overall management of the company's HR department. His task is to plan and implement HR strategies, recruit and select candidates, as well as motivate and develop employees.


These are just a few examples of HR positions in the IT industry. In fact, there are many other specializations, depending on the needs of a particular company.

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