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A project manager, is a person who organizes the work of the team and divides responsibilities so that the project is completed on time according to certain rules. They are responsible for efficient communication between team members and the company's management, as well as with external companies involved in the project.


Project manager - effective and efficient project and team management

A project manager is an necessary person not only in the IT industry, but also in many other industries, where it is necessary to organize, analyze, supervise and effectively implement any project. He is also responsible for the commitment of team members and the creation of a work schedule so as not to lead to a decrease in productivity and frustration of employees. The project manager conducts a market analysis and monitors the competition, and then, based on the assumptions of the entire project, develops its business plan. In case the work is not going as it should, the project manager is the one who has to find the cause and solution to the problem.

Project manager

The project manager is a key person in any company, and his main tasks include:

  • creating the team's work schedule and business plan, as well as planning the project's results; 
  • reporting on the progress of the work to date and presenting the progress to the supervisor;
  • selecting the project team;
  • spotting problems from the organizational, functional and technical side of the project and finding optimal solutions as soon as possible;
  • ensuring good communication within the team and resolving conflicts between employees;
  • creating complex product documentation;
  • taking care of the selection of optimal product solutions and high quality of the work carried out;
  • continuously improving their competence and gaining new knowledge;
  • taking care of high motivation and productivity of individual employees and the entire team.


Project manager is an extremely important and responsible position, so in addition to knowledge and hard competencies, it should be a person who has the right character traits and aptitudes, such as:

  • excellent work organization;
  • ability to plan;
  • high communication competence;
  • responsibility and reliability;
  • leadership abilities;
  • ability to work under time pressure and under stress;
  • creativity;
  • knowledge of negotiation techniques and how to resolve conflicts.

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