Nielsen and Molich Heuristics are sets of guidelines for designing user interfaces, which were developed by Jakob Nielsen and Rolf Molich, respectively. These guidelines are based on common usability issues that users face while navigating interfaces. By following these guidelines, designers can create interfaces that are more user-friendly and improve overall user experience.

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Visibility of system status

In order to design user interfaces (UI) that are intuitive and easy to navigate, it is important to pay attention to the visibility of system status. This heuristic, coined by Jakob Nielsen and Rolf Molich, emphasizes the need for clear and consistent feedback to users about the state of the system. This means that users should always be aware of what is happening, what has happened, and what is going to happen next.

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Match between system and the real world

The match between the system and the real world refers to how well the design of the interface relates to the user's knowledge and experience. By using familiar language, concepts, and workflows, the user can more easily understand and navigate the system. Violations of this heuristic can lead to confusion and errors, ultimately resulting in a negative user experience.

User control and freedom

One of the key principles of designing user interfaces is providing users with control and freedom. Users should always have the option to undo or redo actions, as well as exit a certain feature or screen if they choose to. By giving users this control, we can help reduce frustration and improve the overall user experience. Nielsen and Molich's heuristics emphasize the importance of user control and freedom, and recommend that designers provide clear and accessible options for undoing actions, navigating screens, and closing features.

Consistency and standards

Consistency and standards are essential factors in designing user interfaces that are easy to use and understand. By adhering to established design patterns and principles, users can quickly and intuitively navigate your interface. Use clear and concise labels and avoid using jargon or technical language. Maintain a consistent visual style throughout your application, and use standardized icons and buttons to ensure that users can easily recognize and interact with common interface elements.

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