IT support is a specialist who deals with troubleshooting IT hardware and software, as well as installing and configuring them so that they work according to the expectations and requirements of their users. He is an indispensable person in the company who deals with problems reported by employees or customers of the IT company. His work is also related to the daily maintenance of hardware and software, and often training employees in their use.

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IT support - helpdesk of the IT industry and beyond

IT support is in charge of receiving calls related to customers' or co-workers' problems regarding IT equipment and systems and classifying them according to their importance, and then solving these problems. They should be well aware of the IT products offered by their companies to be able to solve problems related to them by phone call, email contact, video chat or personal contact at their company's headquarters. They should have a university degree in IT and an interest in new technologies. IT support's duties also include preparing reports on reported problems, monitoring progress in resolving them and ensuring the highest standards of service, since it is largely up to them to build a good image for a given company in the market. They plan and carry out system and hardware upgrades, repair equipment and replace its parts. Also deals with adding users to the system and verifying their authentication, as well as recovering customer or user passwords. IT support is most often employed by companies selling IT products and services or subscription services, however increasingly employed by modern companies, which thus ensure the smooth operation of their business and the security of their resources.

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