First iteration - specifications

The project had been started in November 2019. We drew up full specifications together with the Client. It included listing companies (added to the database), construction projects that the company is included in and blog section for the administrator to post news about new constructions and investments. We also discussed responsiveness requirements for the website, so that it looks neatly and clearly regardless of the screen size. We picked a tech stack of React.js and Django Rest Framework, providing quick and convenient development, for example by having built-in admin site. We had a working product as soon as in June 2020 and were providing maintenance and enhancements for the project until September 2020. main page

Second iteration - modernization

In September 2020 the client gave us new mockups. We finished implementing them in December, giving the website a new style. We also added administrative buttons visible for users with certain roles, referring to the Django admin panel, where the content can be modified or deleted. We also improved responsiveness of the website, so that users can interact with it even more intuitively and pleasantly.


Third iteration - security and marketing

February 2022 brought us a new stage of product development. This time we simplified the layout and implemented search count limits for users without paid subscription. The limit was based on local browser storage, following the mechanisms present on many news and article websites. According to the Client's wish, we also added password resetting module and newsletter sending feature.


Fourth iteration - last touches

In June 2023 we started and finished the last stage of the development. Our tasks included redo of search limit, so that it was based on user's IP address if they are not logged-in. We had informed the Client about advantages and disadvantages of such a solution and proceeded to implementation. We also updated contact and address data on the website, turned off the newsletter and created pages with terms and regulations and privacy policy, taking care of aesthetics. At this stage we also involved our UX/UI team to finish the project off. Finally, we took care of some tweaks requested by the Client and deployed the app to production environment.


Technical matters

  • React.js - front-end framework based on JavaScript. It made the development quick, since it is known and liked among our developers, mainly because of its simplicity. We also build projects with this framework using TypeScript, but the complexity level of PolandBuild did not require it.
  • Django Rest Framework - back-end technology, convenient for low and medium complexity-level web apps. Built-in administrative panel made us even more convinced about using this framework.
  • PostgreSQL - popular SQL database, supported by Django Rest Framework. Data modeling has never been easier.
  • Heroku - service for deploying apps (mainly backend) in quick and inexpensive for Client manner. Features of this platform also simplified sending newsletter (cron-like service) and let us safely store data about over 30 thousand construction projects. 
  • AWS Amplify - this Amazon service made it easy for us to host front-end of the app using great CI/CD provided by it. We used it to minimize time and effort required to deliver and update the product. 
  • AWS Route 53 - another Amazon service. We used it to configure email addresses with domain and take care about domain certificates for the website.
  • AWS S3 - another one of Amazon services. It was used by us to safely and relatively cheaply store files in the cloud. That's where the files and photos on the website are stored.


Every IT project is a long-term and multi-stage adventure. We remembered about it while working on the app and that's why we were able to deploy it and cooperate with the Client to achieve the intended final effect, despite the long development time of over three years. We encourage you to check the effect of our work by clicking on the button below.







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