Salesforce is currently one of the most popular CRM, sales support technologies available entirely in the cloud. It doesn't require building expensive infrastructure, is extremely flexible and allows customization and creation of solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of the company. Find out to what it owes its success and why you should become a Salesforce Developer?


Salesforce - the global CRM that conquers the IT market

With globalization, the development of new technologies and the rise of online sales, many companies need innovative solutions to improve their customer service and increase their profits. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a customer relationship management system that can archive and organize a company's experience with customers, making it independent of both changing employees and customers themselves. Such a solution is the extremely popular American product Salesforce focused on customer service, sales and automation of the entire marketing process. It has been continuously developed and improved for the 17 years of its existence, and among its greatest achievements can be counted the software's mobility and its out-of-the-box form, which requires no hardware installations because it runs in the cloud. Besides, Salesforce:

  • offers a set of standard and highly advanced tools available in 4 licenses: Starter, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited;
  • guarantees a rapid increase in company profitability;
  • as a cloud application, it relieves the company from the cost of maintaining expensive infrastructure;
  • provides technical support, high stability and data security;
  • is highly scalable, allowing you to create customized solutions to meet your company's individual needs;
    enables fast implementation of solutions; 
  • allows quick training of employees with already basic programming and database knowledge.


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Why start your career with Salesforce?

The IT market is the fastest growing industry, which is looking for more and more new specialists related to modern technologies every year. Any programmer who wants to tie his career to the industry has to reckon with huge competition. Therefore, in order to increase his chances on the job market, he must attract the attention of business owners with additional skills beyond the knowledge of programming languages, such as: Java, C+, Python or Java Script, as well as any tools and frameworks that allow building a high-quality modern application. Such an extremely desirable skill is knowledge of Salesforce.

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