On this page, you will find basic information related to financial matters in cooperation with our software house.
If you did not find the answer to your question, please write to us: hello@boringowl.io.

1. What budget do I need to start the cooperation with Boring Owl?

In the case of new contracts, we do not start projects whose valuation does not exceed PLN 5,000. PLN net. We settle consulting services according to hourly rates (see point 4). We respect your time and money, which is why we emphasize at the beginning that in the case of many projects, the first version of the application is MVP (Minimum Viable Product), i.e. a product ready for production implementation, whose development based on user experience requires further work and financial outlays.

2. How do you evaluate projects?

Each project is valued according to internal procedures. We create the cost estimate taking into account many factors, including the technology of the project, the number of functionalities, and the degree of complexity, visual components, content management, etc. We can discuss the details of each valuation after presenting the offer.

3. How do you settle projects?

We settle orders in two models:

a) Fixed Price - the offer includes the exact price and implementation time of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version. The project is divided into stages, followed by the acceptance and settlement of the functionalities and views stored in the specification. This method of settlement works best in projects for which the order specification has already been prepared or the project does not have non-standard functionalities. In the event that you do not have the specification of your idea, we will probably offer you to prepare it for a fee before providing an accurate valuation or work according to the agile methodology with Time & Material settlement

b) Time & Material - the offer includes a framework plan for the implementation of the finished product and an estimate of the time needed for its implementation. The settlement is cyclical based on hourly rates, and the specification is created along with the product development and testing of subsequent components. At the beginning of cooperation, it is enough to present the key functionalities of the application and business goals. We will start creating a product on this basis. The settlement in this model enables the project to start immediately, and the client pays only for the hours actually worked. When cooperating on the basis of Fixed Price, the valuation will always have a calculated risk of errors when creating documentation.

4. Do you work on an hourly basis?

Yes. We offer our clients cooperation based on a flat-rate purchase of a package of hours of our programmers. The rates depend on the number of hours in the package. You can download the full offer in the download section.

5. Do you collect any advance payments before starting work?

Yes, before starting cooperation in the Fixed Price settlement model, advance payment is collected, the amount and formalities related to it are regulated in detail in the contract. In the case of the Time & Material cooperation model, you pay for the hours worked in a given period.

6. How can I pay for services?

We prefer settlements using traditional transfers. If the situation requires it, we enable payment using popular payment systems.