Check out the details of cooperation and communication while running the project.
If you did not find the answer to your question, please write to us: hello@boringowl.io.

1. How long does the creation of a project take?

The execution time depends on the type of order, the selected technology, and the amount of work required to be performed. We always try to set a realistic time frame within which we are able to implement the project. The implementation of most versions of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) does not take longer than 1-2 months from the moment of signing the contract. We also develop projects based on long-term cooperation plans, without a set end date.

2. What tools do you use to communicate with clients?

We use the Trello application as the basic tool for project management and communication with clients. For more advanced orders, we suggest switching to the YouTrack application. We use the Slack messenger and services from the GSuite package for communication and teamwork on a daily basis. We also have experience with other popular project management tools, so we try to be flexible in terms of software as much as possible.

3. On what basis is the acceptance of the project carried out?

Before signing, we will provide you with the exact specification and protocol, which will be the basis for receiving the work. Functionalities beyond the scope of the specification are collected based on separate documents and annexes to the original contract. The entire documentation will be presented to you in an organized form by the project manager, who will also explain any ambiguities.

4. How many people on the Boring Owl side are involved in the project?

We operate in teams dedicated to each project, the size, and composition of which depends on the scope of work. Each team is managed by a Project Manager who has all the powers to make key decisions and is also responsible for contact with the client.

5. What tools do you use in the development process?

We strive to keep up with the constant and rapid development of the software, which is why we eagerly reach for new tools to help software developers. Most mockups and prototypes are made available via password-protected links to Adobe XD, Google drives, or GitHub code repositories.

6. How soon can you start working on the project?

Depending on the current occupancy, the start of the project usually does not exceed 7-21 days from signing the contract. We never try to finalize the contract too quickly without clearly defined conditions. We prefer the type of cooperation, the start of which is planned early enough and each party has a chance to properly prepare for it.